Pregnants - Care for the newborn

Pregnants - Care for the newborn

Every little girl wants, when she grows up, to be a mother too and to raise her own children. The heroine of this game has grown up and, after nine months of bearing a child, became a mother of a pretty girl. The first thing that Mom needs after childbirth is to relax and rest. But childbirth is only the first hard test that mothers have to face. After that, the process of child care and education begins. In this game the player has to help the young mother to take care of her newborn baby, because after childbirth she is exhausted. As soon as you feel ready, you can start. The little girl will be in the crib, and will have to do whatever she wants. And such little children need most of all simple attention and toys. Just give the little girl whatever she wants and everything will be fine. It's an interesting and educational game.
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