Light and shadow for two

Light and shadow for two

Once lived a spoiled princess named Light and a haughty prince named Shadow. Because of personal selfishness and superfluous ego, they were worried about themselves, despite the need for the kingdom and their mentees. The lord was quite worried about his own children and worried about their future. With this temperament and attitude to the remaining tsarevitch and the princess in the future did not expect anything good.
The old lord decided to give his own children a task that would undoubtedly help them reconsider their behavior and self-centeredness. He took the ancient royal relic. It turned out to be an old magic staff. The lord swung and said his lust. At the same moment, the king and the princess were transformed into the light and the shadow that their names embodied. The princess now has the ability to transmit light in such a way as to steer light and shadow. But the tsarevich received a corpse, which is entirely created from the shadow. In this game "Light and Shadow for Two" for you shines to help the king's guys to free themselves from the charms. For this, you need to try well and understand some of the rules. For example, in conflict with light.
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Свет и Тень на Двоих
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