Red Ball Games online

Not every gamer has a desire and mood to start playing some complex "toy" that requires a lot of free time and concentration. For these cases, there are online games Red Ball, which in the stories closely overlap with the hero of the Russian fairy tale "Kolobok. The main difference between the Red Ball and Kolobok is that it can not be eaten by the Fox, as it is waiting for a completely different danger in the form of pits, chasms, sharp stakes, presses and other "geometric characters". The site presents all parts of the game Red Ball - 1, 2, 3, ... 9. The whole series belongs to the category of logic games, and each next version is a continuation of the previous one. Although, if you start playing Red Ball 5 and then switch to Part 3 or 8, nothing terrible will happen. It is noteworthy that in some versions of online games Red Ball is called the ball, which should not cause confusion. We are sure that you and your children will definitely like the games offered. Users of don't have to worry: you won't have to pay to enjoy the games! By the way, you don't have to register either!